Pay by Link: How to accept payments anywhere

The concept of “Pay by Link” has grown in popularity in recent years. This innovative payment method creates a digital pathway for transactions. It eliminates the need for physical card terminals and facilitates remote payments. Its versatility across various channels (email, websites, social media, WhatsApp, invoices, apps, etc.) makes it a (quasi-)universal solution in the digital payment space.

Marketplace Payments: Starter Guide

Starter Guide for Integrators willing to set up their own marketplace. What are the obligations in terms of payment and the parameters to be taken into account? What to look for in advance? Digiteal leads you through payments on your own marketplace.

Marketplace Payments: all you need to know

What about marketplace payment, its business model, advantages, possible payment methods (e.g. Split & Merge), and the importance of staying vigilant when it comes to securing these payments via a PSP (Payment Service Provider) such as Digiteal.